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Butterfly valve installation and maintenance instructions

1、After opening the butterfly valve package, it can not be stored in wet warehouse and open space, and can not be stored in a messy construction site.
2、When installation should pre-adjust the connection pieces of the pipelines.
3、through the pipeline fluid is without the hard particles, so as not to damage the sealing surface.
4、When installation, you should clean the pipe inter cavity and sealing surface.
5、valve head means the direction of the medium.
6、It is required to using butterfly valve specialized flange when the valve connects with the pipes.
7、required gaskets (ring) inner hole size is the same with pipe flange hole, and guarantee that the inner hexagonal screw of butterfly valve face all sealed, to prevent plat leakage .
8、When electric, electric hydraulic out of the factory, the control mechanical hoist stroke has been adjusted well, the first time connecting power, user should manually open to the 45-degree position, and then press electric switch, see the indicator diection is the same.

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