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Butterfly valve failure may occur and methods to eliminate


sealing surface leakage
1、disc, sealing ring with junk.
2、Disc, sealing closed position is not in line correctly.
3、outlet is equipped with flange bolts bearing force nonuniformly or malcompression.
4、the pressure test direction is not following the requirements.

Elimination Method
1、to eliminate impurities and clean the valve cavity.
2、adjust the worm gear or electric actuator and other actuators limit screws. To achieve the proper valve closed position.
3、Check the matched flange surface and and bolts pressing force, should be evenly compressed,
4、according to the direction of the arrow to spin.

both ends of valve leak.
1、both sides of the sealing gasket are failure,
2、pipe flange pressing force is nonuniform or malcompression.
Elimination methods:
1、Replacing the sealing gasket.
2、pressing flange bolts (uniform force).

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