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Butterfly Valve Installation and Maintenance notes

Transport and storage

1、Butterfly valve should protect the both sealing surface when in the handling process, in order to prevent bumping.
2、valve should be stored in rain-proof, dust-proof, dry, so the butterfly plate opens in the 5°-10°state, and should be covered, to prevent debris entering the sealing surface.

Installation Notes

1、Before the installation should check the valve specifications, pressure, temperature, and corrosion resistant whether meets the use requirements. Should check whether the parts are damaged or loose.
2、the valve can be installed on any angle of the pipeline, we should close then to install is appropriate; when welding the pipe flange, should use the plate to block the valve sealing mouth to prevent particles, debris contusion sealing surface, after welding, remove the valve, cleaning the sealing surface and pipe cavity, and then fixed the valve.
3、When installation please note that the pressure bearing direction of the valve closed state, general pipeline valve is installed according to (Figure 1), pre-pump valve is installed by the (Figure 2).
4、before installation should clean the sealing surface (both ends of the sealing surface, disc sealing surface, the valve seat sealing surface) thoroughly, remove dust and dirt.
5、Before the installation should empty test valve, open and close should be flexible, open and close position should in line with the position of the pointer instructions.
6、manual operation clockwise is off, counterclockwise is open, after the pointer direct is in place, it is not allowed to adding force to open and close the valve.
7、When the valve takes the pressure test, are not allowed to use a single flange for installation pressure test, you must use dual-flange installation for the pressure test (see Figure 3). The test pressure shall comply with standard requirements GB/T13927-92.
8、When fastening bolts should be symmetrical alternating fastening, are not allowed to separate fastening in turns.
9、Before the limit screw leaving factory, it has been adjusted well, not allowed to be easily adjusted. If configured driving devices are electric, pneumatic, please read the driving devices instructions.
10、When electric butterfly valve out of factory, it has been adjusted well of the open and close stroke of control mechanism. In order to prevent mistakes in the direction of power connection, before the first power connection, the user should manually open to the semi-open position, and then jog switch, check the instructions set direction and the valve opened direction are the same.
11、If you found the valve hoist disorders, you should identify the reason and repair and exclusion, to prevent adding force methods to switch valves, causing valve damaged.

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