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Butterfly valve model preparation and standards

1 model preparation

Type code (D means butterfly valve) structural form code (Table 1) connecting form code (Table 2) Transmission mode code (Table 3) the valve seat sealing surface, or lining material code (Table 4) Nominal pressure code , body materials code (Table 5)

table 1     table 2  
structural style code   structural style code
lever type 0 flange 4
Vertical Plate 1 wafer 7
Swash Plate 3 welding 6
table 3     table 4  
driving mode code   seat sealing surface or lining material code
worm gear 3 alloy steel H
pneumatic 6 fluoroplastic F
hydraulic 7 hard alloy Y
electric 9 copper alloy T
table 5      
valve material code valve material code
WCB C CF8(304) P8
1Cr5Mo ZG1Cr5Mo I CF3(304L) P3
1Cr18Ni9TiZG1Cr18Ni9Ti P CF8M(316) R8
1Cr18Ni12Mo2TiZG1Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti R CF3M(316L) R3

2 standard

Product standard:JB/T8527-97
Flange connecting dimensions:GB9113.1-9113.26-88 overall steel pipe flange: GB9115.1-9115.36-88;butt welded steel pipe flange face to face dimension:GB/T5188.2-94;wafer connection valve face to face dimension
GB/T12221-89 flange connection valve face to face dimension;
pressure test:GB/T13927-92 general valve pressure test

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