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The use of different conditions and occasions

As the butterfly valve disc with a wipe of the movement, so most of the butterfly valve can be used for media with suspended solids, according to the sealing piece strength can also be used in powder and granular media.
Butterfly structural length and overall height is smaller, open and close fast, when completely open, with a small fluid resistance, when opened to approximately between 15 ° to 70 °, they can be sensitive flow control, Butterfly valve structural principle is best suited to production of large-diameter valves
In the following working conditions, the recommended choice of butterfly valve:
① request throttling, regulating control flow;
② slurry medium and medium containing solid particles;
③ require a short length of the valve structure occasion;
④ the occasion requires high speed hoist;
⑤ smaller pressure differential occasions.
In a double-position adjustment, necking channel, low noise, cavitation and gasification phenomenon, leaks a small amount to the atmosphere, when there are abrasive medium, you can use butterfly valve.
when using butterfly valves under the special working conditions, throttle adjustment or requirements of strict sealing or severe wear and tear, low temperature (cryogenic) and other working conditions, need to use specially designed metal seal adjustable device three eccentric or double eccentric specialized butterfly valve.
Soft sealing butterfly valve is used for ventilation and dust removal pipeline two-way hoist and regulation, metallurgy, light industry, electric power, petroleum chemical system gas pipelines and waterways, etc.
Metal on metal wire seal double eccentric butterfly valve is suitable for heating supply, gas supply, water supply and gas, oil, acid and alkali and other pipelines, as the regulating and throttle device
Metal on metal surface sealing three-eccentric butterfly valve is not only used as large-scale pressure swing adsorption gas separation control valve, can also be widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, food, medicine, water supply and drainage, gas transportation and other fields.

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